About Cecilia Forester

Cecilia Forester

Hi! I’m a freelance fashion writer, traveling the world, experiencing new cultures, celbrating fashion, classy style and dressing and all things couture. If I’m not walking my dog in London, I’m with a cup of coffee sneaking into a fashion show!

I started off as an independent professional writer writing commerce and accounting articles before that business flopped. Yeah, I made some sobering mistakes of starting too big.
I had to give up my blog, office, and pride and move back into my Mum’s house and start again as a local SEO writer.

Now, I’ve returned back to my first love – fashion writing. And I write about Women’s Fashion, Men’s Fashion, fashion photography & adventure and fashion shows.

So far, I’m making some money – enough to move out of my Mum’s after 18 months, and my dream is still to travel the world as a ‘free’ online writer.

So far, I got a couple of fashion writing gigs around Europe that give me recurrent income, so follow along with me as we discover the amazing world of fashion.



P.S – If you would like to hire me to write SEO articles for you, then drop me a line. My rates are very affordable!