One of the things I love to do is attend every Fashion show I can.

I’m based in London and the number of fashion shows every weekend is enough to give you something to do every weekend of the year.
I’ve already attended 14 fashion shows in different places all over Europe like Dublin, Leicester, Leeds, Greater London, Amsterdam, Nice, Hamburg and Dortmund. By the
way, Hamburg is such a wonderful city!
With all the hype on TV, sometimes it seems like fashion shows are only for celebrities.
But times are changing. You really should make it a point of attending one.
If you are a fashion photographer, own a fashion line, a clothing store or a clothing accessory store, then a fashion show will give you a good glimpse of the upcoming
trends of the season, enabling you to stock and market your store in a way that will not only drive traffic to your store but will make your store the ‘in’ thing.

You won’t feel out of place, in case that’s what keeping you from attending one 🙂

Look at me. I’m just a regular girl around London!


Need A Reason To Attend A Fashion Show?

Like I mentioned, one of the best reasons to attend a fashion show is if you are in the fashion industry either as a designer, creative or in the accessories’

It’s one of the best ways of marketing your line. All you do is wear your signature clothing style, accessorized with a stunning watch and attend the show.

Networking At Fashion Shows

Compliment the attendees, have a coffee with them and strike up a conversation. They came to see the models on the runway, they may end up noticing you
instead. It can also lead to business. Have you read my post about my Michael Kors watch that has made me truckloads of money?

Predict The Trends

If you run a store, there’s a good chance that you want to make sure that your stores are carrying the latest trends in fashion. While you may not necessarily end up buying clothing from the designer or designers featured at a fashion show, you may get a good idea of what is now popular or will soon be popular.

This can help you when it comes to buying merchandise for your store. In a way, attending a fashion show can help to improve the success and profits of your

Fashion Shows… mean Fashion Consulting

Say, you are in fashion consulting, a fashion show is a good place to scout for clients. Fashion shows regularly focus on the latest fashion trends or soon-to-be
fashion trends. If you are in the business of providing expert advice, tips, and knowledge to those who want to improve their fashion sense, fashion shows can be a great research tool for you.

Get The Latest Fashion Tips

Although those who run a fashion related business are more likely to benefit from attending a fashion show, you can also use fashion shows to your own personal

If you are just interested in looking your best or interested in learning how you can incorporate the latest fashion trends into your wardrobe, you may want to think about attending a fashion show.

If you’re in London, Stockholm, Berlin or Amsterdam, chances are there’s a odd fashion show happening around you. And they are not that expensive.

Search for Unconventional Fashion Shows

In my case, since I am a fashion blogger, I try to stay out of the top fashion shows and look for the upcoming lesser known fashion shows.

I attended one in Leeds, held in a local shopping mall.The scene was set up like a castle with glass runways, tall pillars, arches and glass furniture.

The fashion collection from Wes Piers was a formal Autumn’s Wear collection -men and women. You couldn’t believe it was being held in a Mall! It looked so different when it was finally set up. But it was wonderful! And it was free!

It turned out to be one of the best fashion shows I have attended in recent times. They are more affordable and the quality of the collections is stunning!

You should be able to find a number of top notch fashion shows. In fact, I’m going to write a blog soon on the best-kept secret fashion show locations in Europe that you must go to.

Spoil Your Boyfriend!

On one of those weekends where you have nothing to do and you want to do something different with your boyfriend, attending a fashion show is a good idea.

There’s nothing like grabbing a group of girls and going to see a fashion show. I know men may want to go see Manchester United play, but every once in a while, he can do you
a favor and go see what you like.


As A Reminder

As a reminder, you really do not need to have a reason to attend a fashion show. If you want to attend one, even if it is just to see what one is like, you may want
to start making your arrangements as soon as possible.



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